Construction Management

Precision Construction Services team reading a plan for construction management

Precision Construction Services provides unparalleled expertise on behalf of the owner, from design development to project completion. Our Consulting and Construction Management team includes project managers, designers, engineers, and planning professionals. Supported by Precision’s in-house construction-cost databases and project management software, our team can provide highly accurate estimates, fully informed guidance, and advice on projects of all scopes.  

Precision’s Construction Management team specializes in secured facilities and highly technical construction, such as clean rooms, research laboratories, the continuous electron beam accelerator facility in Newport News, VA, and transit tunnels in Hawthorne, CA. Precision is the primary Construction Management firm for People’s Self-Help Housing and has managed more than $300 million in PSHH projects. Precision was also Construction Manager on the 880-acre Pismo Preserve open space area 

Our wide range of Construction Management services – including cost estimating, project scheduling, and project controls – is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and take a proactive approach that include forecasting potential design and construction issues and offering solutions. 

Cost Estimating

Our cost estimating methodologies are based on the rigorous guidelines set by the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE). As a result, we’re able to create objective, reliable, and defensible assessments of probable construction costs.

Our construction cost estimates are specific to the nuances of each project as well as the project’s specific location. Our cost managers consider factors such as current labor rates, material prices, and site constraints that may affect onsite productivity. Additionally, we consider external factors such as macroeconomic trends, market volatility, commodity prices, labor availability, and even the current political landscape.

Most of our Cost Estimating clients are from the architectural community. As a result, we have significant experience providing comprehensive cost estimating services at each design milestone.

Project Scheduling

Precision’s in-house team of scheduling consultants provides detailed construction schedules, enabling project stakeholders to monitor and measure the performance of every participant in a project. Precision schedules also help reduce exposure for time-related impacts on a project, while establishing a benchmark for change management.

After a kickoff meeting with the project stakeholders, Precision closely reviews the plans and specifications. Our team identifies every activity needed throughout the project and the durations for each scope using baseline productivity factors, adjusting for anticipated crew sizes, site constraints, equipment, lead times and additional factors that will affect the rate of productivity.

The project schedule is organized through a work breakdown structure. This includes enumerating each high-level task – from preconstruction through project closeout – required for successful project completion. We sort and group the work into more granular tasks, and organize them by dependencies, to outline the project’s critical path. If the project schedule needs to be refined to meet certain milestones, we look for opportunities where two or more activities can run concurrently. Once the schedule is complete, we conduct a thorough internal review before presenting to the client.

Project Controls

Precision is well-versed in navigating every type of change that may arise during construction. Our team regularly works through change orders and can provide a detailed statement to either validate, or invalidate, a project change-order request. Because of our robust experience and industry knowledge, we understand both the schedule and cost consequences of a change and will help provide a timely resolution and bring clarity to all project stakeholders.