Precision Construction Services' Design Build

Precision’s Design-Build approach to construction is a collaborative method that unites designer, engineers, and construction professionals. This method allows everyone on the owner’s team to think and work together as a single entity from the earliest stages of a project, and it results in projects that are completed faster and adhere to their budget and schedule. 

Precision’s Portfolio includes numerous design-build projects, including: renovating a 5,000-square-foot commercial kitchen, replacing two 255-ton cooling towers on a 23-story high rise in Downtown Los Angeles, renovating a secured facility for the U.S. Navy, building a 3D printing lab for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and building the West Pad rocket landing zone at Vandenberg Space Force Base.  

Precision’s dedicated design management team, which includes an in-house architect and structural engineer, can perform the design in-house or manage an outside design firm. In either case, our design management team will ensure a streamlined process and a well-executed project from start to finish.