Neptune Training

Precision construction services' Neptune Training

In December 2018, four team members of Precision headed to Las Vegas to get trained on an exciting new waterproofing solution called the Neptune Wetsuit(R). Precision is now the only certified applicator of this product on the Central Coast and one of ten companies certified to install the product in California.

Precision is excited to bring this new, disruptive waterproofing solution to our clients due to it’s many benefits, including:

  1. VOC free and water-based
  2. Capable of withstanding ponding water indefinitely
  3. 20-year warranty
  4. Fully-adhered and self-flashing
  5. UV Stable
  6. Superior wind uplift
  7. Instant set cure
  8. Impact resistant
  9. Available in any custom color

Precision has already put the product to the test at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc, California. The military base is located on the Pacific coastline and is constantly battered by high winds and salty ocean air. Most buildings on the base are constructed with steel frames and siding, which are ripe for deterioration in this harsh climate. One of the most badly weather-damaged buildings on the base, a 100,000 SF structure with two high bays used to store rockets, became the pilot project for the new waterproofing product. Neptune’s two-part waterproofing was applied to the siding, gutters, downspouts and as a new roofing system with a custom color to match the military beige used throughout the base. The product exceeded expectations – acting like a glove to hold an otherwise failing cladding system together like it was brand new.

Precision is excited to continue offering the waterproofing solution to both its private and public clients throughout California and the rest of the country.