BOP Terminal Island Freezer


San Pedro, CA







Federal Bureau of Prisons

A Warehouse Freezer to Serve Terminal Island

This new, forklift-accessible freezer at the Federal Correctional Institution, Terminal Island, supplies cold storage for all food and beverages used in the minimum-security facility.

Precision was requested for this Design-Build project after the FCI acquired this plot of land. Because the site’s sandy soil would liquefy in an earthquake, the foundation was dug 5 feet deep and lined with geotextile, compacted rock and soil, and insulating foam. The 3,600-square-foot freezer was constructed with six-inch foam panels lining the walls and roof.

The new freezer means the facility no longer needs to store food and beverages off-site and transport them as needed. Now all of the food and beverages for 1,000 inmates and staff can be kept on location, significantly reducing storage and handling fees. The freezer was completed in 2020.

Precision construction services' Terminal Island Freezer project - BOP Terminal Island Freezer
Terminal Island Freezer
1299 South Seaside Ave
San Pedro, CA United States