CDC 3D Printing Lab


Spokane, WA





General Contracting


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A 3D Printing Lab Dedicated to Public Health

Precision designed and built a state-of-the-art facility for the CDC in Spokane.

The 3D printing process is revolutionizing healthcare and research, and by 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention needed a significantly larger 3D printing facility at its Spokane location. As general contractor, Precision oversaw the design and construction of a new, state‐of‐the‐art 3D printer lab that serves the needs of several divisions of the CDC in a single space equipped with targeted ventilation, a boosted power supply, and medical-grade finishes.

The lab was moved to a different location within the Spokane facility, and asbestos abatement during demolition of the new space and designing and installing effective ventilation were the primary challenges of the project.

To create a ventilation system that effectively removes the fumes created during the printing process, Precision redesigned the room. Instead of a single, overall return-air source, Precision installed eight moveable exhaust arms to place over each of the eight printers. And instead of a single on/off switch, each directional exhaust is independently operated.

To allow for larger printers, two of the printer stations have upgraded, 240-volt outlets, instead of the standard 110/120 volts, which required installing a new electrical panel and transformer to supply greater power to those units. Asbestos abatement was required for flooring layered two levels below the surface and in drywall tape at the seams. The lab, which was completed in May 2021, also includes plumbing fixtures, acoustical ceilings, medical-grade steel cabinetry, phenolic resin lab countertops, and a design plan that allows for future expansion.

CDC 3D Printing Lab
315 East Montgomery Ave.
Spokane, WA United States