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Reviving a Rusting Roof: A Coastal Corrosion Conundrum Solved

The Federal Detention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii had experienced rapid decay of their 18,000 SF metal warehouse roof. The property was located on the coastline and was in constant contact with the corrosive ocean air. Precision was hired as the general contractor by the Federal Bureau of Prisons to provide a long-term solution for the problem that could fit within their budget.  After extensive research and planning for cost and operational efficiency, Precision found an optimal solution for the client, which included the removal and replacement of metal roofing, gutters, and downspouts that were beyond repair.  Next, all existing rust was removed and a silicon coating over the roofing materials was installed.  Due to the high-security facility requirements, the project required extensive coordination, and the location in Hawaii meant all personnel were flown-in for the project and were required to meet a tight construction schedule to complete the tasks on time.

Precision construction services' Federal Facility Roof project - BOP Honolulu Roof Coating
Federal Facility Roof
351 Elliot Street
Honolulu, HI United States