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Firefly Aerospace

Modernizing the Historic Delta Launch Pad

In 2018, Firefly Aerospace won approval from the U.S. Air Force to take over the historic Space Launch Complex 2 (SLC-2) at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base. The pad was originally used for the Delta launches (among others) from 1966 up until 2018.

Precision built the necessary modifications to the launch complex to accommodate the modern Firefly rocket. The improvements included the construction of a Horizontal Integration Facility (HIF) and a Transport Erector Lift Linkage Hydraulic Ram Reaction Foundation (hydraulic lift pit), among other launch-pad and flame-duct improvements.

The HIF is a warehouse used to for processing and integrating the launch vehicle stages. The structure is an approximately 5,000-square-foot high bay metal building with a gantry crane and large rollup doors. The hydraulic lift pit is the mechanical hoist that raises the horizontal rocket to vertical on the launch pad.

To accomplish the SLC-2 pad modifications, Precision worked closely with the project engineer, supporting the design through constructability and cost-saving feedback. The project was constructed under the anticipated budget at on schedule.

Precision construction services' Space Launch Complex 2 project - Firefly SLC2 Modifications
Space Launch Complex 2
Space Launch Complex 2
Vandenberg Space Force, CA United States