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General Contracting

The Earthbound Side of Stratospheric Efforts

In March 2022, Precision Construction Services was named the on-site, on-call contractor for the Missile Defense Agency at Vandenberg Space Force Base in Santa Barbara County, CA.

As an award-winning, federal design-build firm, Precision is supporting all Vandenberg facilities of the MDA, whose mission is to protect the United States and its allies against ballistic missile attacks. Under the auspices of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Performance Oriented Construction Activity Contract (commonly called a POCA agreement), Precision is currently working on its third project. Previous projects included asbestos abatement (shown here) as part of the modernization of a secured facility.

Because of its 180,000-acre size and geographic orientation in relation to launch orbits, Vandenberg has been projected to be a “national spaceport” that will see increasing numbers of launches in coming years. Precision is a privileged to be a partner in these critical endeavors.

Precision Construction Services' Project - Missile Defense Agency
Missile Defense Agency
Vandenberg Space Force Base
Vandenberg Space Force Base, CA United States