National Guard Armory Restoration


Chattanooga, TN

Historic Restoration


Construction Management

Precision provided detailed design development and construction cost estimates throughout the design process for this historic building restoration project. The most significant project scope included the exterior stone repair for the armory as the building was experiencing significant deterioration. Masonry dutchman repair techniques were employed to select, remove, and replace unsatisfactory stones, window lintels, and sills across the building. Additional scopes included interior renovations with abatement of hazardous building materials, as well as a new data system and upgraded MEPs. The new MEPs included the installation of a new variable refrigerant HVAC system with individual office unit temperature control, a new electrical system to mitigate fire and shock hazards, as well as a new, highly efficient plumbing system.

Precision construction service's National Guard Armory project - Chattanooga readiness center
Precision construction services' National Guard Armory Project
National Guard Armory
Chattanooga, TN United States