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People's Self-Help Housing

Projects That Build Homes and Communities on the Central Coast

Precision is honored to be the primary Construction Management firm for People’s Self-Help Housing, the nonprofit affordable housing organization on California’s Central Coast.

To date, Precision has worked on 24 PSHH projects, totaling more than $300 million, including the $42 million, 100,000-square-foot Buellton Gardens development in Buellton that will provide homes for 89 families, and Cypress Place in Oxnard, a $38 million, 167,00-square-foot complex with 150 residences, including 43 for farm workers, and amenities including a computer lab, laundry, and event room.

After completing initial projects starting in 2017 — and learning PSHH’s standards, systems, and the unique way it organizes costs — Precision designed a budget template specific to PSHH, making it easier for the nonprofit to manage projects and apply for grants and funding. Precision is now a trusted partner and primary consultant, working under a General Service Agreement.

Precision collaborates with PSHH from the earliest stages of a project, beginning with schematics and working through multiple phases of design to establish a realistic budget, including value engineering. As the project develops, Precision helps dial it in – adapting to revisions, additions, budget changes and more – and modifies construction to bring the project under cost or adds features, if our value engineering turns up additional dollars.

Currently, Precision has two PSHH projects underway: CMC Ventura, a $10 million remodel of a 58-unit affordable housing complex on Telegraph Road, and Fillmore Terrace, a $10 million to $15 million ground-up build of a 50-unit complex in Oxnard.

Precision construction services' People’s Self-Help Housing Partnership project
People’s Self-Help Housing Partnership
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