SoCal Edison Operations Center


Alhambra, CA





Southern California Edison

An Upgrade to Serve Growing Energy Demands

This 135,000-square-foot, Design-Build modernization project will deliver extensive site upgrades and accommodate future growth at the bustling 34-acre Southern California Edison Operations Center in Los Angeles County.  The project includes demolition of an existing 63,000-square-foot building and will achieve enhanced LEED commissioning.

Demolition work will include vertical building, haul off and disposal, structural concrete, and hardscape. Excavators with shears will be used to cut the structure into sections that will be brought to the ground using excavators with claws and buckets. The structural concrete demolition will use heavy equipment; excavators with breaker bars and concrete saws will break the structure into smaller segments.

Extensive site improvements include rough grading, retaining walls, storm drains, storm-tech installation, fine grading, site concrete, hardscape, irrigation, lighting, paving, and striping and signage.

SoCal Edison Operations Center
501 S Marengo Ave
Alhambra, CA United States