SoCalGas Honor Rancho Base


Santa Clarita, CA





Southern California Gas

An LEED-Certified Expansion for the Utility’s Operations Center

This extensive modernization at the SoCalGas Honor Rancho facility includes adding a second, 2,650-square-foot floor to the existing Operations Center building, as well as upgrading the building’s 7,700-square-foot, first-floor space and constructing a new, pre-engineered Crew Building. All work for the project will be LEED Certified, as part of the SoCalGas Clean Energy Strategy.

The facility, which supplies natural gas throughout the region, must remain fully operational for the duration of the project. Precision designed plans that will be executed in phases, particularly to maintain the infrastructure connected with the control room, which is being moved to new control and data rooms at end of the final phase of work.

Scopes include selective demolition of shell/core elements including some exterior walls and roofing; MEP; fire suppression and insulation; reconfiguring offices, breakrooms, and a kitchen; converting warehouse space into the expanded new control room; remodeling the existing control room into offices and a server room; and all doors and finishes including paint and cabinetry, floors, countertops, and some equipment.  In addition, exterior work includes removal and replacement of sidewalks, curbs, AC overlay, signage, and striping.

Precision Construction Services' Project - SoCalGas Honor Rancho Base
SoCalGas Honor Rancho Base
Brady Parkway
Santa Clarita, CA United States