Stanley G. Oswalt Academy


Walnut, CA



Construction Management

The Stanley G. Oswalt Academy is a K-8 educational campus which belongs to the Rowland Unified School District in Southern California. The design intent for the project is a forward-thinking, modern, and environmentally conscience campus. The project consisted of demolishing nearly all of the existing campus. There was only one building left standing before the rebuild. The new construction consisted of five metal-framed buildings, each with a complex exterior façade. The buildings included several new classroom wings as well as administrative and multi-purpose buildings.

Additional project scopes included low impact development and sustainable site improvements. Notably, the project consisted of a robust storm water management system to protect and re-use valuable water resources. As storm water runoff enters this system through an inlet, filter media then captures harmful toxins and pollutants. Once filtered, underground detention cisterns (totaling over 7,000 cubic feet) store the runoff, which can be then be reused for irrigation. Additional sustainable elements included reusable water bottle fill-up stations throughout the campus, as well as energy efficiency LED lighting fixtures and controls.

Precision construction services' Stanley G. Oswalt Academy project
Stanley G. Oswalt Academy
19501 Shadow Oak Dr
Walnut, CA United States