Surfers Point Shoreline Retreat


Ventura, CA



Construction Management

Precision is currently providing cost estimating services for Phase II of this public works project. Proposed project scopes within this phase include surf-check parking spaces, a multi-use bike path, overflow parking areas, as well as fencing and gates for access and control to the Ventura Fairgrounds. Phase II also consists of a storm water filtration system. This system includes a grass bioswale to treat runoff and to prevent pollutants from reaching the Ventura River Estuary. Additional project elements include landscaping and site lighting, as well as a sand and cobble berm to stabilize the beach and allow the existing parking and roadway facilities to be retreated.

Precision construction services' Surfers Point Shoreline Retreat Project
Surfers Point Shoreline Retreat
Shoreline Dr.
Ventura, CA United States