PEMB Hangar Upgrades


Vandenberg Space Force Base, CA







General Contracting

When Precision Construction Services’ aerospace client needed to upgrade the HVAC system for its Hangar at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, they enlisted Precision to engineer, fabricate and install three new structural steel supports. The structural supports needed to be elevated between 15 and 25 feet off of the Hangar floor and tucked into various wall bays separated by steel columns. Precision coordinated all shop drawings between the HVAC contractor and the structural engineer and fabricated the supports. The supports were comprised of W8x18 and W8x10 beams with all new connections. The existing structure required isolated demolition to receive the new supports as well as modifications to the existing Hangar columns which were coordinated and approved through the Hangar’s Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) provider. Throughout construction, Precision maintained a Job Hazard Analysis plan that required ongoing fire watch during welding procedures and fall protection for the workers at height. In addition, the client had ongoing operations in the facility that required Precision to maintain operations during off-hours and to protect existing workspaces from any construction damage. The project was completed in early 2019.

Precision construction services' PEMB Hangar Upgrades project
PEMB Hangar Upgrades
Space Launch Complex 4 East
Vandenberg Space Force Base, CA United States